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Equipment[edit | edit source]

Currently Data contained within these pages is out of date and will take time to be brought up to current, please be patient.

Overview[edit | edit source]

RogueTech expands equipment variety available in the core Battletech game and adds new categories. Some of the equipment is mandatory and without it mech won't be able to operate while other is completely optional and it is up to player to decide whether they want to use it or not.

  • Mandatory equipment: structure, engine core, heatsinks, Fire Control System (FCS), cockpit, life support, armour, gyro, arms
  • Optional equipment: Electronic Warfare Suites (EWS), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), jump jets

Some of the equipment can be fixed in a specific mech model, it can be identified by diagonal stripe pattern instead of a solid fill. This equipment cannot be removed from the mech. If the equipment gets destroyed during the battle, you will always be able to repair it afterwards, unless the mech was not salvaged.

Equpment Categories[edit | edit source]

  • Armour provides protection for your mechs from various ranged and melee attacks. It also can provide additional buffs such as signature reduction, additional evasion etc.
  • Structure represents the skeleton of your mech to which all internal equipment is attached. There are multiple types of internal structure with different weight and number of critical slots occupied.
  • Engines - a mandatory equipment which powers your mech and allows it to move.
  • Heatsinks help your mech to dissipate heat generated from moving and firing weapons.
  • Sensors are installed in the sensor slot in the mech head allowing your mech to detect other mechs through radar detection and provide various other bonuses. Each mech always comes with a default sensor equipment.
  • ECM equipment jams enemy sensors and protects carrying unit as well as its teammates by providing various buffs to friendly unit and debuffs to enemies. ECM equipment is optional, unless it is fixed on a specific mech.
  • C3 equipment makes it easier for your lance mates to detect targets and provides other buffs.
  • Cockpits contain your mechwarriors and provide various buffs to the mech and its allies. Each mech always comes with a default cockpit.
  • FCS - augment your pilot ability to target enemy mechs by providing various buffs. Each mech always comes with a default FCS.
  • Battle Computers - target tracking systems (TTS) which require Tactical Computer FCS and provide various accuracy bonuses.
  • Jump Jets are optional equipment which allow your mech to jump.
  • Gyros is a mandatory equipment which ensures mech stability.
  • Arm Upgrades provide bonuses to melee and weapon mounted in the mech arms.
  • Leg Upgrades provide bonuses to melee and increase mech survivability.

Equipment Guides[edit | edit source]