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Description[edit | edit source]

Originally developed in 3057, the prototype Defiance was intended to be the flagship design of venerable Defiance Industries, only to become mired in Field Marshal Brandel Gareth's abortive revolt (subsequently put down by the Gray Death Legion) and passed over for the successful Fafnir. The Defiance's fortunes changed with the loss of Hesperus II to the Word of Blake, with the LAAF scrambling for any available 'Mech designs. Though configured mainly to produce light and medium 'Mechs, the remaining Defiance factory on Furillo was able to retool one of their medium lines to produce a heavy 'Mech, selecting to produce a modernized version of the Defiance in 3074.

Described as a "Warhammer on steroids", the Defiance is visually similar to the original WHM-6R, carries a similar weapons array, and uses a searchlight linked to the 'Mech's targeting system. Where it differs from the classic design is in the use of digigrade instead of humanoid legs, and modern construction components such as a Endo Steel skeleton, Light Fusion Engine and Triple Strength Myomers. Due in part to the high heat levels required by its specialized myomers, as well as weight constraints, the Defiance carries only twelve double heat sinks, forcing it to rely upon Volley fire to avoid shutdown, much like the design upon which it was based

Variations[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks


75 HEAVY 12B 13E 12M 11S 5JJ "Flagship"

+15% Weapon Damage

Cannot Equip TTS

Cannot equip Melee Weapons

Cannot equip PPC Capacitor