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Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf
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Clan Wolf was not only one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, it was given the distinct honor of carrying forth Kerensky's name and his genetic legacy. This status as caretaker of the Kerensky Bloodname also served as a source of conflict with other Clans, especially Clan Jade Falcon, which felt slighted by the ilKhan's decision. Named for the massive wolves of Strana Mechty, which grow to nearly twice the size of their ancestors on Terra, the Wolf Clan has been a dominant force in the Clans since it's inception. Responsible for the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine and the Absorption of Clan Widowmaker, Clan Wolf was also instrumental in the development of Battle Armor. The leader of the Warden faction in the Grand Council, the Clan was nevertheless forced to participate in the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere, where they proceeded to outshine all other Clans in the number of worlds conquered. Clan Wolf was nearly destroyed by its hated enemy the Jade Falcons in the Refusal War that followed, but although the Clan survived it was split in two: a Crusader-minded Clan Wolf and Warden-minded Clan Wolf-in-Exile.