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Clan Steel Viper
Clan Steel Viper
Short name
Steel Viper
Pre‑RogueWar Allies
Pre‑RogueWar Foes
Star system Homeworld
New Kent


Clan Steel Viper was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, named after the Steel Vipers found on Babylon. Their beginnings were marked by treachery due to the actions of their founder, now simply known as the Traitor Khan, and they were long regarded by other Clans as self-serving. However, the Steel Vipers would eventually find their calling in espousing the recreation of the Star League, not through conquest but cooperation with the Inner Sphere. Despite this decidedly Warden philosophy many warriors within the Clan hold to the Crusader viewpoint, and the Steel Vipers took part in the Clan Invasion. While capturing many Inner Sphere worlds the Steel Vipers were eventually driven back to Clan space by their rival, Clan Jade Falcon. Under Brett Andrews, the clan played a major part in initiating and conducting the Wars of Reaving, but in the end were themselves annihilated by the other clans when the language of the Reavings were turned against them.