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Clan Smoke Jaguar

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Clan Smoke Jaguar
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Short name
Smoke Jaguar
Pre‑RogueWar Allies
Pre‑RogueWar Foes
Star system Homeworld

Background[edit | edit source]

Clan Smoke Jaguar was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky. Members of Clan Smoke Jaguar took fierce pride in their namesake, a predator descended from the Terran jaguar whose genes were altered in the laboratory to enable it to survive in a harsher environment and then imported to Strana Mechty. They were also every bit as feral as the smoke jaguar was, believing that the Clans' revered founder modeled all of Clan society on their totem animal and basing their argument on an oft-quoted journal entry of Kerensky's which they revered second only to The Remembrance. The Smoke Jaguar Clan began the Crusader philosophy and was one of the four original Clans to take part in Operation Revival, the Clans' attempted conquest of the Inner Sphere. However they were defeated at the pivotal Battle of Tukayyid and later Annihilated by the reborn Star League during Operation Bulldog and Operation Serpent. The Clan was also responsible for the creation of ProtoMechs, which quickly spread amongst the other Clans during the Wars of Possession.