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0.994[edit | edit source]




0.994 Patch7 hf 3[edit | edit source]

Patched Bushwacker assetbundle

0.994 Patch7 hf 2[edit | edit source]

Patched Assasin assetbundle

0994 Patch7 hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixes one everloading issue

A fix for missing clan assault support spawns

0994 Patch7[edit | edit source]



Reworked the Echidnae into a gunboat

Added a new elite, the Phoenix

Added 3 more heroes

Tweaks to contracts

The 8BQ Reworked to deliver a Barbecue

Fixed incendiary MG Ammo

Minor fixes all over

Tweaks to lances and tanks

Added assasin model by BloodyDroves

0.994 Patch6 hf2[edit | edit source]

Fixed a typo concerning superheavys and brutal mode

Contains early kerenksy orion

0.994 Patch6 hf1[edit | edit source]

fixed a typo in a contract causing gamebreak

0.994 Patch6[edit | edit source]

Minor fixes

Contains code to ensure compat with mxmach toys

Reworked thermobolts effect to prevent a edge case soft lock

Fix to rare crash with bushwacker

Added 3 new mechs based on the bushy

One gamebreaking bug fixed

Additional contracts

0.994 patch5[edit | edit source]

WeaponSubType of all lasers changed to their parent subtype

Mostly concerns the Danielle atlas to grants its effects to pulse and er laser

Gladiator has now inbuilt Hardened and Composite back, cannot equip any armor or internals

Added an Hatamoto-Chi

Patches to tanks and contracts

Added a new Pirate mech

Tiny tweaks to all AMS

Many minor fixes

0.994 patch4[edit | edit source]

New double sized Ammo boxes, twice the size but gain 25% extra ammo

New Armor Piercing Gauss ammo

Fixed some phoenixhawk melee damages

Added more heroes

Another lance fix

0.994 patch3[edit | edit source]

Fixed accidental missing proper ac2 ammo

Many minor fixes to weapon restrictions

2 new pirate mechs

A couple templars

0.994 patch2 hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixed gamebreaking typo in MG ammo categorys

0.994 patch2[edit | edit source]

Additional mechs for the Heroes

Reworked primitives and tweaked ICE to be not entirely useless

Several minor fixes

Thanks to Caedyron for spellchecking

Bushwacker assetbudnle patched

UrbanMechs got vastly increased firing arcs

New Gear - Protective Padding

New Gear - Protected Ammo, bins that explode for only 25%

0.994 patch1 hf1[edit | edit source]

Corrected address of the persistent client

0.994 patch1[edit | edit source]

Patched WeaponRealizer

Patched OnlineClient

0.994 hf2[edit | edit source]

Fixed chassisdef in a wrong folder causing crash

0.994 hf1[edit | edit source]

Typo in brutal mod.json fixed

0.994[edit | edit source]


LBX, Silver Bullet, HAGR, AP Gauss and Pepperbox now fire clustered shots

Removed some outdated unused files

Neverclusterheads is back in

Added new mechmodels:

Bushwacker by GentlePayload

Phoenixhawk by Solahma Joe

New tanks and Contract

Added 3 Comstar exclusive LAM's by akodoreign

Added more loading tips from Tomahawkpipe

Smokey Special quirk reworked to give +2 defense

Install option change:

Delete mods is not default anymore

Added option to delete modtek cache and not automatic anymore

This MAY reduce patch loading times

Added options for normal RT or Brutal mode

Brutal is LadyAlektos play

Brutal mode has higher chance for crits and TAC

Tanks and turrets arent easier to crit

AI pilots gets escalating bonus

Default difficulty options are more punishing

0.993[edit | edit source]

Modtek patched update!
Early release to fix what broke
RogueTechModLoader replaces BTML



0.993 patch9 preview[edit | edit source]

LBX, Silver Bullet, HAGR, AP Gauss and Pepperbox now fire clustered shots

New tanks and Contract

Removed some outdated unused files

Smokey Special quirk reworked to give +2 defense

Added more loading tips from Tomahawkpipe

Added 3 Comstar exclusive LAM's by akodoreign

Neverclusterheads is back in

Install option change:

Delete mods is not default anymore

Added option to delete modtek cache and not automatic anymore

This MAY reduce patch loading times

Added new mechmodels:

Bushwacker by GentlePayload

Phoenixhawk by Solahma Joe

0.993 patch8[edit | edit source]

Patched IS Map

- all faction reps listed

- around 30 new planets descriptions

Minor fixes

Added more MWOHeros

0.993 Patch7 HF2[edit | edit source]

Added new lances

Patch for 1 fallback condition

0.993 Patch7 hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixed typo in mechassembly

0.993 Patch7[edit | edit source]

Some more MWO Hero Mechs

Marauder S7 now is named "Gungnir"

Fixed clan er med pulse damage

Several Minor fixes

Patched WeaponRealizer

0993 1.2.3 compat fix Hotfix[edit | edit source]

Fixed a typo in smokeys chassisdef

0993 1.2.3 compat fix[edit | edit source]

Added MWO Hero Mech's by ☆Spark & Katrina Kerensky

Added a quirk to Smokey's Special

Patched Modtek

Patched Mechengineer

Patched Online client - now shows active players company names

0993 Patch6[edit | edit source]

Fixes for lances

Extra Tanks

A possible fix for gamebreaker involving tank evasion

Additions to the "Boss Battles"

Added new Mechs

Added Inferno Rocket Launchers

Increased Crit chance vs Vehicles and Turret

0993 Patch5[edit | edit source]

Patched Panic System

Patched FreeCam

Minor Fixes

Fixed NSS

Renamed Restoration to Coalition

Added damage fall off Arctan Curve to WeaponRealizer folder

Added Falloff min% to description

Coolant Pods and Plasma math changed

0993 Patch4[edit | edit source]

patched AIM

Made the Royal Griffin proper 2n

Added a 4n Griffin

Guerilla tweaked for Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle

0993 Patch3 HF1[edit | edit source]

Hotfixed 1 problem

0993 Patch3[edit | edit source]

Another fix for superheavy contract

Removed LBX und UAC prefabs from weapons to prevent a rare crash with new models

Added last Lore Bushwacker and a nasty of my own 

Added the new logger i forgot

Stealth armor revision, no more upgraded guarded but evasion and heat tweaks

Combat Shields now upgrade guarded status

several small fixes

0993 Patch2[edit | edit source]

Added a new Logger

Future output logs directly from the mods folder please

Patched AIM to 3.0 preview

    New: Use indirect fire when better than direct fire.

    New: Show enemy wounds and ally health in mechwarrior names.

    New: Set nameplate text colour.

    New: Press F1 to F4 to select player mech.

    New: Hold Alt to enable friendly fire (non-Multi-Target).

    New: Show Weapon range in meters in weapon mouseover.

    New: Show short range in hit modifier breakdown.

    Mod: ShortPilotHint now hides HP by default, to avoid line wrapping on elite mechwarriors.

    Mod: ShowNumericInfo no longer shows pc movement points during enemy attacks.

    Fix: FacingMarkerEnemyColors not applied when FacingMarkerPlayerColors is empty.

    Fix: NPE when FacingMarkerPlayerColors is non-empty but FacingMarkerEnemyColors is empty.

    Fix: FloatingArmorColours no longer applies to target panel.

    Fix: Geothermal and Radiation Field are now factored in heat preview fix.

    Fix: Range meters in hit modifier list no longer show decimal.

    Fix: FixPaperDollRearStructure now works in campaign, without going through combat first.

0993 Patch1[edit | edit source]

Patch for low rating engine issues

Includes the Annihilator now

Patch modtek for cicada issue

Other dll's will be fixed as they apepar

0993 Early Public[edit | edit source]

Fixes concerning the abilities preview patch

0993 Alpha1 fixes[edit | edit source]

Fixed missing mg ammo bonus being shown

Fixed superheavy contract

Fix for rifle carrier

Some other small fixes

0993 Alpha1[edit | edit source]

Pulse Lasers are now multishot weapons

0.992 Stable Release[edit | edit source]

RogueTechModLoader replaces BTML

0992 Econ Patch 3 HF4[edit | edit source]

Fixed another typo causing ever spinning circle

0992 Econ Patch 3 HF3[edit | edit source]

Tigthened LBX damage spread

New special Assasination endgame mission

Fixed another gamebreaking typo

0992 Econ Patch 3 HF2[edit | edit source]

Patch for Online client shops issues

Added Bushwacker fakes

0992 Econ Patch 3 HF1[edit | edit source]

Fixed a gamebreaking bug

Several minor fixes

0992 Econ Patch 3 EARLY[edit | edit source]

Clan PPC dmg reduced by 5 points

Heavy PPC Damage vastly increased but gained a falloff

SnubNose fall off slightly increased

Fixed Difficulty menu

Fixed "The Star League Rides Again"

Added 3 more primitive cars


0992 Econ Patch 2[edit | edit source]

Added several pilot pictures by flyingdebris

One fix for tanks

Tweak to difficulty menu

Added NovaCats by Mirax, including a totem elite

Added a couple more lore variants by Arcanan

0992 Econ-Patch HF1[edit | edit source]

Fixed Missing Gauss + tweak

Fixed a couple typos

0992 Econ-Patch[edit | edit source]

Patched IS Map

Patched online Client and added online/offline shop distinction

Patched Mechresizer

Econ Mechanics:

  • all not picked salvage goes into faction inventory for employer
  • all sold items go into faction inventory of the planet owner
  • every 30 minutes a new shop is generated from the inventory
  • a bought item is removed from the shop of that faction for EVERY Player( Only one can buy item)
  • the more of one is in inventory the cheaper it will be
  • the more of one is in inventory the mroe likely it will appear in shop and the more of it will be in there
  • MRB rep shops still work the same

Reduced Default Shop max items/specials

Lance Fixes

Half ton ammo cost to 2/3rd of full ton ammo

New random campaign start by Dustin(aka Alandauron)

Starting lances are now further defined by faction

Added "The Starleague rides again" by Bloodydroves (adjusted to rt)

Contains additional royal battlemechs

Evasion is harder to gain except for ultra fast units and phantom mech

Maximum evasion is now 13 pips

Remade ECM and Stealth Armor to give additional evasion

Added 4 LAM and tech for them

Added 2 more Urbies

Tweaks to all + Weapons

0992 Fixes1 hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixed missing array in clan wolf faction def

0992 Fixes1[edit | edit source]

Several tiny fixes Bunch of mechs by Arcanan

One fix to the lance spawner

Fix for phantom mech

0992 Stable Release[edit | edit source]

Patched Online Client
Patched IS Map
Patched AIM
Patched Contracts
Added Retrainer by Gnivler
Added Silence by Gnivler
Several new Mechs, Tanks and Tech
Now includes every Faction, and a route to everywhere
Added option for Global Difficulty, either planet or company scaling

  • Updated Repair Bays. Now the Repair Bays work for all three Mech Bays. Additonally, the following changes were made: 
  • Repair Bay 2 repairs at 50% efficiency (was 75%).
  • Repair Bay 3 repairs at 33% efficiency (was 50%).
  • MechBay Automation allows Repair Bay 2 to repair at 100% efficiency.
  • Improved MechBay Automation allows Repair Bay 3 to repair at 100% efficiency.

Starting Planet/faction now also decides on what mech you start with
Removed ALL tech options from the installer
Started to incorporate Lance Spawns by Faction
Factions now play a deciding role in what kind of mechs may or may not spawn
Starting Gear is now listed on the creation Screen
Skill rework
Every tier 2 skill is now a activated skill
Added several new Mechs and Tanks (343 Battlemech and 186 Tank variants)

Some are made by the community <3 u all

Tanks now have proper engine and engine cores that can be critted
Added 4 Fluid Guns and distributed them
Added Active probes and distributed them
Added new Category for Advanced Warfare Systems when Active Probes and ECM come as 1
Added Half ton ammo boxes
Added Light AC2 & 5
Added a Clan Coolant Pod
Added Clan Exchanger and Heatbank, incompatible to other banks and exchangers
Added Bombast Laser
Added MRM launchers
Added LBX Autocannons
Fusion cores now have a more flexible tech point cost
Broke lore for balance, Ferro Fibrous dynamic slot counts slightly reduced
Davion starter gear changed to light ac5 from uac5
Behemoth restricted to FF, Standard, and Hardened Armours

Spall Liner got a tiny buff
Added ER Pulse and VSPulse

Roads and Ice affect weight classes more different
Jormungandr tweaked
Cannot use Artemis IV systems or special ammo anymore
But can use base TTS now
Destroyed Gyros now deal 100 stab damage "explosion"
Removed some super easy/hard difficulty settings

Added a dedicated Fallback mech, the REPORT ME
IF you see him, we need your output_log

Several overall Balance tweaks

0.992 Alpha[edit | edit source]

RogueTechModLoader replaces BTML
REQUIRES NEW GAME (to have access to all factions on the map and the online mode)

Online map for the test

0992 Public Alpha 8[edit | edit source]

LBX tiny Buff Added

ER Pulse and VSPulse

Added more nastys

fixed some things

Few more Turrets

More tanks patched with Engines


0992 Public Alpha 7 Plus hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixed typo in Warhammer IIC

StormCrow C got LBX10

Fixed Clan MASC heat bug

0992 Public Alpha 7 Plus[edit | edit source]

Added LBX Autocannons

Added Mechs by the Community

Added LBX wielding

Mech's Behemoth restricted to FF, Standard, and Hardened Armours

Spall Liner got a tiny buff

For issues Alpha7HF1 will be kept as old file on nexus

0992 Public Alpha 7 hf1[edit | edit source]

Fixed a tiny bug

Davion starter gear changed to light ac5 from uac5

0992 Public Alpha 7[edit | edit source]

Several bugfixes thanks to Mirax

Further improvements to all lances

Endgame AI Pilots received a tiny buff to account for none being 4/10 pilots

Starting Gear is now listed on the creation Screen

Added more tanks

Added Bombast Laser

Made a few new nastys

Added MRM launchers

Improved Ammo categorys

0992 Public Alpha 6[edit | edit source]

Split up sandbox start and story mode from another

Players should now always load all starsystems

Tweaks to fluid guns and their shown traits

Another batch of lance fixes

0992 Public Alpha 5[edit | edit source]

Heatsinks now got Trait description boxes

Coolantpod now increases general heat sinks efficiency, reduced volatility

Added a Clan Coolant Pod

Added Clan Exchanger and Heatbank, incompatible to other banks and exchangers

More Lance tweaks

Fix for random high tech salvage

Several AI Tweaks

Added more Mechs to the assembly exclusion (mostly jk's heros)

Patched AIM to 2.5

Destroyed Gyros now deal 100 stab damage "explosion"

0992 Public Alpha 4 hotfix[edit | edit source]

mrb shops should work again

0992 Public Alpha 4[edit | edit source]

Fix for missing half ton ammos

More tweaks to lances

Tweaks to TAC

Tweaks to Resolve Fusion cores now have a more flexible tech point cost

Broke lore for balance

Ferro Fibrous dynamic slot counts slightly reduced

0992 Public Alpha 3[edit | edit source]

Fixes for OnlineClient

Fixes for Map

Fixes for Lances

0992 Public Alpha 2 plus[edit | edit source]

Added Half ton ammo boxes

Added Light AC2 & 5

Improvements to the lance spawner

0992 Public Alpha 2[edit | edit source]

Added Clan Warhammer

Patched OnlineClient

Removed some super easy/hard difficulty settings

Patched Contracts and tanks

0992 Public Alpha 1[edit | edit source]

Patched OnlineCLient
Patched IS Map
Patched AIM
Patched Contracts
Added Retrainer by Gnivler
Added Silence by Gnivler
Several new Mechs, Tanks and Tech

Now includes every Faction, and a route to everywhere

Added option for Global Difficulty, either planet or company scaling

  • Updated Repair Bays. Now the Repair Bays work for all three Mech Bays. Additonally, the following changes were made:
  • Repair Bay 2 repairs at 50% efficiency (was 75%).
  • Repair Bay 3 repairs at 33% efficiency (was 50%).
  • MechBay Automation allows Repair Bay 2 to repair at 100% efficiency.
  • Improved MechBay Automation allows Repair Bay 3 to repair at 100% efficiency.

Starting Planet/faction now also decides on what mech you start with

Removed ALL tech options from the installer

Started to incorporate Lance Spawns by Faction
Factions now play a deciding role in what kind of mechs may or may not spawn

Skill rework

Every tier 2 skill is now a activated skill
Added 4 Fluid Guns and distributed them
Added Active probes and distributed them
Added new Category for Advanced Warfare Systems when Active Probes and ECM come as 1

Several overall Balance tweaks

For those who can help, we need output logs of cicadas and enforcers in clan space

Those are missing mechs we have to tweak up or create

0.991 Public Preview[edit | edit source]

0.991 Public Preview patch6HotFix2
Fixed another typo
Added Battletech Toon Emblem

0.991 Public Preview patch6HotFix1
Fixed Typo in Pirate Zephyr
Added Pirate Ignis
Added new Heavy Flamer

0.991 Public Preview patch6
Added Hellbringer Mech
Patched OnlineClient

0.991 Public Preview patch5
Patched Online Client to 1.1
Missile Jenner's got overhauled
Improvements on Weights for some Gear
Improvements to Tanks

Please report Stock Mech's with mismatched tonnage

0.991 Public Preview patch4
Melee rework
Now mostly obeys CBT rules
Power Armour now has super large engines

0.991 Public Preview patch3
Added patched ShopSeller by Janxious
Added FreeCam by Gnivler
Patched AIM for further changes and additions to Crit rules
Vehicle and Turret Crits

Several tiny fixes

0.991 Public Preview patch2
Fixed chassis quirk bugs
Fixed a bug in installer script
Added Bongfu's awesome Welshy's Baad Brew emblem
Added 5 Emblems from the artbook by Vulture82
Patchwork Materials nerfed to allow only 1 type per location now
Primitive internals now reduce after mission repair time and cost
Fixed some costs
Modtek updated to 3.1
BTML patched to 4.2
Persisten Map patched

0.991 Public Preview patch1
Tiny further tweak to TAC
Additional Clan tech
Extra tanks
Lance Spawner improvements
Lots of additional engine cores thanks to suralin
Stormcrow Clan Mech and Model by GentlePayload

0.991 Public Preview
Furhter revisions to TAC
More descriptions upgrades
"Obvious" bonus, eg damage or stability, will not be shown anymore
(you should have read the manual about stability and damage, now read the weapon stats)
Special boni are all listed
All Standard AC2 have no recoil
Reworked some skills and items
Warlord more powerfull but with cooldown

0.991 Preview 2
Further tweaks to TAC
Redone all Icons for chassis quirks
Several tiny fixes

Completly new Warlord

0.991 Preview

First selection of tweaks with HBS new skills

0.99 Stable[edit | edit source]

0.99 f4

Added HighDifficultyLanceSpawnerFixer
Preventing a crash tied to super high difficult mission generations
Patched IS Map for a faction bug
Added a new early game armor upgrade to protect against crits

0.99 f3

Another tiny tweak to TAC
Included option to select between wartech and online war
Patched Performance Fixer to work with new sorting system
Possible fix for 8 Salvage bug

0.99 hf2

Removed perf fixer to prevent accidental install

0.99 fixes1

Patched Panic System
Tweak to TAC
Lessened the chance and increased required min damage

0.99 Stable Release



Patched Harmony
Patched MechEngineer
Patched CustomComponents
Patched ArmorRepair
Patched PerformanceFixer
Patched Wartech
Patched DropCostbymech
Patched Deployments
Patched AIM
Patched SortByTonnage
Patched ScorchedEarth
Patched CrystalClear
Patched PilotQuirks
Patched MonthlyMoraleAndTechAdjustment
Patched Panic System
Patched Turbine
Patched WeaponRealizer
Patched CharlesB
Patched CBT Heat
Patched CBT Piloting
Patched Pilot Quirks
Patched WorkOrderMover
First pass of ThroughArmorCriticals
dealing 25% of armor damage has a chance to be a critical hit
Improved item Sorting
Items are now first sorted by a string instead of their GUID
Currently Incompatible to Perf Fixer
Improved Descriptions for many items
Now shows a list of its effects
Improved Descriptions of Chassis Quirks
Assorted Balance tweaks
Difficulty Menu rework
Contracts set to 12
Deployments set to 4

0.99 Alpha[edit | edit source]






0.99 Public Alpha 2 fixes1

One bug found and fixed

Pirate Weapons got descriptions

Patched Pilot Quirks

Patched WorkOrderMover

0.99 Public Alpha 2

Patched Panic System

Patched MechEngineer

Patched Turbine

0.99 Public Alpha fixes1hf1

fixed a typo

0.99 Public Alpha fixes1 

Several minor fixes

0.99 Public Alpha 1

Fixed test mechs in simgameconstants

Difficulty Menu rework

Contracts set to 12

Deployments set to 4

0.99 Preview2

Minor fixes

Patched WeaponRealizer

Patched CharlesB

Patched MechEngineer

Patched Panic System

Patched CBT Heat

Patched CBT Piloting

0.99 preview1





Game now always starts in combat state to prevent turndirector bug

Upgraded all tanks and their options

Hopefully preventing database lances breaking

Added an option to select base change to recover own mech

Camzoom removed and changes through combatgameconstants

Removed Exclusive filter

Removed ShopSeller

Removed FastSaveDelete

Reworked calculations for engine refits

Quirk Descriptions Updated for all mechs, some redesigned

Reworked costs for repairing alternate armor, on average, cheaper

Clan CASEII restricted to clan armors

Reduced Chance for HeadInjury

Patched Harmony

Patched MechEngineer

Patched CustomComponents

Patched ArmorRepair

Patched PerformanceFixer

Patched Wartech

Patched DropCostbymech

Patched Deployments

Patched AIM

Patched SortByTonnage

Patched ScorchedEarth

Patched CrystalClear

Patched PilotQuirks

Patched MonthlyMoraleAndTechAdjustment

Patched Panic System

0.989[edit | edit source]

0989 Patch4fix1

Fixed roguetankscore issues

a few upgrades to quirks descriptions on chassis

(early because of bugfix)

0989 Patch4

Butterbee quirk changed to 20% damage

Ultra and Rotary AC's got ammo restricted except for Caseless

Caseless bug fixed to apply penalty to RAC's

Heavy/Light/HA Gauss restrict ammo

HAGR's buffed

Pirate Locust quirk switched to 50% Dmg instead of RoF

Panic System patched to 3.0

0989 Patch3hf

Fixed Artemis IV appearance in shops

Fixed Some Stability Values

0989 Patch3

ATM disallow equipping spcial LRM ammo and TTS

Fixed typo for new lances preventing load

0989 Patch2

Gave the A5-HAT its hands back (oops)

Improvements to filestructure

Merged LadyAlektos and Cargo_Vrooms lances into a new core module

Made a Tanks core module combining Cargo_Vrooms and JK's vanilla fixes and base tank additions

Made New Tanks Options for the Installer

0989 Patch1

Indirect fire Damage Penalty removed

Added ArtemisIV Ammo, exclusively working with Artemis IV TTS

Streaks disable using Alternate SRM Ammo

Joergumandr reduced to +3 Missiles Accuracy

May use Artemis System now

Gamebreaker bugfix:

Fixed convoy mission lance generation not properly importing

0989 Release

Updated Mechenginner

Mechs now have Chassis Quirks

Mechs now have Arm Actuators and some are restricted

JK Variants tanks fixed

includes Cargo_Vrooms Better defense missions

Tanks added to the Clan Module

New Weapons

New Gear

Reworked Chassis and Mech Costs

Some small balance changes

Increased Amount of Shop Specials by default and in options


Panic System

Vehicle Improvement Project

Pilot Quirks and its parts


Performance Fixer

Scorched Earth

Crystal Clear


Now autoenables debug menu

0989 Public alpha2+3

Finished Quirks and descriptions

Changed Quirk description Colour

JK Variants tanks fixed

0989 Public alpha2+2

Vastly increased Choice for ShopSpecials

Gives more chances to generate special items like fusion cores or special gear

VIP Patched

Patched Panic system

Updated QuietDarius to use Janxious new version

Next Batch Quirks Finished: "Prototypes"

Fixed Size of Arm Weapon Actuators

Tweaked ArtemisIV: Exclusive missile TTS without indirect Penalty

0989 Public alpha2+1

Patched Performance Fixer

More Quirks added to chassis descriptions

Another ClanTank

0989 Public alpha2

Mechengineer now displays ui names on restrictions

Aim Patched to 2.1 release

Re-included turbine

Patched CC to circumvent Heatsink bug

Patched Crystal Clear to 1.4

Half of all Mechs received "Quirk:QuirkID" in description

Now includes BetterBaseDefense by Cargo_Vroom

0989 Public alpha1

Removed turbine because of free heatsink bug

Few minor fixes


Patched Don Zappos mods

Machine gun arrays

M,A,B Pods added

JK hero Quirks

Patched Scorched Earth

Patched Panic System

2 more clan tanks


Additional Chassis quirks finished

Some mech's redesigned


Doubled cost of mechdefs

Added first Batch of Chassis Quirks

GlobalDifficulty Patched

patched Scorched Earth

If min heatsink bug appears - remove turbine


Patched Armor Repair

Should fix mechbay issues


All chassis cost multiplied by 10


Fixed Several typos


Updated Scorched Earth

Updated Panic System

Updated ME

Added new actuators to mrb shop and specials

Set restrictions to all chassis

Added default actuators to all mechs

0989 Preview1

Adjusted costs of all mechs

Started implementation of arm actuators

0.988[edit | edit source]


Fixed 2 vehicles incorrect movedefs


Several minor fixes

FS-IIC fixed


Fixed 3 missing values among cargos scales


Fixed missing comma in mechresizer

Fixed missing primitive gear


Update for more tanks by Cargo_Vroom

Changed starting lance sizes again to prevent spider failstate

Requires mods folder deleted during install


Another try to fix the reported contract issues

Improvements to the sorter

Fixed Gauss Ammo named LRM

Performance Fixer patched to 105

Turbine Patched to 1.1 maybe incompatible with PerfFixer

Will be rolled back if issues arise


Improved sorting of nearly every item

Will be further improved


Perffixer is default again

Added Bindable ESC key as option

Use Mouse4 to "go back"

Couple tiny fixes

Fixed Vanilla Enabler Planet Difficulty scaling

Replaced all Vanilla Story missions with a selection fo RT Mechs


Added missing comma to vanilla enabler

It should work now


Debug settings made default

Performancer Fixer made optional

Moved combatgameconstants and difficulty menu back to be a merger

Either randomly failed to load

Couple additions to the Clan Module


Performance fixer updated to 1.0.2

Prevents random rare loading bug

Clan Tech Module

Optional! module to spawn Clan Upgraded Mechs as Enemys


Patched AIM to fix missing modifiers


Missing values for combatspeedup added


Fixed ever loading issue with patch5

Contract error still being searched for


A few minor fixes

Now includes BAttletechPerformanceFix 1.0.1

Single and Double HS destruction penalty removed

Destruction penalty for heatbanks/exchanger reduced

Improvement to installer

Should prevent improper installation of BTML

0988 Patch4

Includes alpha release of new btml and modtek

WITH LOADING BAR - requires BTML reinjectd

Just check the option when you get there!


Further Improvements to the installer

First version of the vanilla enabler

IS Map Patched

Heatsinks now "explode", generating heat when destroyed

Basic D/HS 1x Their dissipation rate

Banks 2x their dissipation rate

Exchangers 3x their dissipation rate

Inferno Ammo explodes dealing heatdamagepershot

Equipment explosions reworked to include a variety of stability and heat damage

New RNGesus Emblem in RogueEmblems


Fixed ArmourRepair toggle breaking the game


Fixed general.txt incorrect path


Missing patched CBT Heat now properly exploding Ammo

0988 Patch3

Filestructure reworked to accomodate installer!


Improved the Installer

TONS of options

Majority of the mod can now bew freely toggled

Majority of additional Mech's are optional now

Soundmod Included for Full Install!

CrystalClear&Scorched Earth Optional installs

Armour repair can be toggled!

Patched IS Map

Patched MoreIsLess

Several minor fixes

Early release because some managed a rare error with patch2

0988 Patch2

Release for new installer by Razunter

Increased MRB Rating gives increased chances for fusion cores to appear as specials

Few minor fixes

Default shop specials raised and more options

0.988 Patch1HF

Fixed display error for VOLATILE!

0.988 Patch1

Now includes QuietDarius

Weaponrealizer updated

Some weapons now have unique damage by range modifiers

MechEngineer updated for real ammo explosions - No more free Clan Case for everyone

Ammo now explodes properly depending on its remaining shots

Gauss rifles can explode

Gauss ammo CANT explode anymore

Weapons that can explode got the VOLATILE tag

CASE and CASEII will prevent ammo and equipment explosions


-can only be installed in torso

-prevents Ammo\Component explosions propagating to CT


-can be installed anywhere

-reduces Ammo\Component explosions to just 3 internal damage

-Torso Explosions destroy rear armor

Basic CASE is cheap and sold everywhere

CASEII is rare and cost 10 times

Several Mech's received CASE

Some More Primitive Mechs

Randomstart fixed to be always a minimum of 4 mechs

Restricted Randomstart further

Deleted obsolete file (pirate heatsink if you want to delete it)

Fixed medusas bio

UAC and RAC got lbx/uac prefab assigned

0.988 Release

Lots of new Tech avaible

New Mechs

New Argo Modules

New Map

Improved Economy

Improved Start


Not savegame compatible to 0987!

Wartech note:


Integration of MechEngineer by CptMooreB

Mechlab, Mech's and Gear rewritten to account for the possibilities of MechEngineer

Engines, Structure and Armor can now be freely changed on every Mech

Command console can now be looted and installed, increased weight

Several tweaks to almost everything

Completely reworked Shops

Includes Turbine by Sheepy

Improves all loading times and the games Datamanager

Ammo shot counts now coloured

Added RogueTech Icons by Vulture82

Inner Sphere Map updated to 3040

Includes every known System from Lore

Includes Repair Bays fork by Don Zappo

Upgrading Argo Mechbays allows simulataneous repairs

Armor Repair updated for compatability to CC & ME

LessHeadinjuries replaced with FewerHeadinjuries by gnivler

HeadInjuries taken is now governed by Guts&Tactics

Massive upgrades to RogueTank and VIP by Cargo_Vroom

Wartech updated to 1.3

Master Tactician replaced with Command Console

Now grants crit resistance, bonus morale and reducing instability on reserve

Aim updated

Shows Ammo counts on paperdolls

Ammo is jettisoned if its weapons are destroyed

Smart ammo use system

Panic system reworked to use Gnivler and Don Zappo fork

Added new burstballisticchecker by Janxious

Fixes race condition when emptying mg ammo

Now includes WeaponRealizer by Janxious

Replaces Weaponvariance

Allows weapons to deal variable damage by Range, notably Heavy Gauss Rifles and Snub Nose PPC

Heat Weapons now deal a portion of their Heat Damage as bonus to vehicles, turrets and buildings

Starter gear is dependent on Background choices

Technical Limitations grant it all with 1 day delay

Removed Emblems, Portrait Loader and Mech Icons and made them optional to reduce download size

Extented information removed due to incompatability

0.988 Alpha[edit | edit source]




0988 PA3 fixes1

Updated Pilot Fatigue

Patched missing IS map settings

ArmorRepair fork by denaden

Armors now have adjusted repair costs depending on their type

EG: Primitive costs half to repair in terms of mechtechs and cbills

0988 PA3


WeaponRealizer patched

Now completly replaces weaponvariance

Damage Variance by Range first implementation

A couple weapons deal more damage the closer they get

New weapon, X Pulse laser, slightly increased more damage and range, but generate more heat

IS map updated (thanks Kodiak and the others)

Another fixed starsystem will cause saves to break

A new game is advised

Json can be gotten on discord if you absolutely must play your old save

Changing Engine shielding now has appropiate costs depending on chassis

Changing Engine cores now have a tech cost appropiate to chassis

Pirate Engine Upgrade is now Engine Shielding

0988 PA2 Fixes5

Tweaked empty cost of all mechs to account for engine costs

Only affects newly aquired chassis

Wartech updated to 1.3 release

Added Repairbays fork by Don Zappo

Argo upgrades tweaked - only apply fully on a new game

MechTech upgrades tweaked to account for simultaneous repairs

4 new Argo Morale Upgrades

High G Argo drive Upgrade

RT Tanks upgraded to make use of a Heavy Vehicle Flamer

Turbine updated

Primitive Tech Added

Delete the old mackie folder, or do a clean install

0988 PA2 Fixes4


Turbine patched to release version

Background gear milestones imrpoved thanks to Vulture82 doing the legwork

You now get all your starting gear with 1 day delay (technical limitations)

VIP patched

Master tactician reworked

Fewer Headhinjuries updated, new formula resists injuries dependant on guts and tactics

Panic system updated

Flamers and plasma now deal bonus damage to overheating targets

0988 PA2 Fixes3

Updated VIP

Starting gear is now affected by background choices (given with a day delay each, would crash otherwise)

Whirlwinds now have less penalty on lighter mechs

MoreIsLess updated

AIM Updated

ME updated

Rollback for panic system

Reincluded updated Turbine - if crashes, we need its logs from the mods\ folder

0988 PA2 Fixes2

Made turbine a independent download (crashes reported with it)

Several minor fixes and 1 major

Pulse Laser Nerf

0988 PA2 Fixes1

Includes turbine DLL to improve loading times and prevent possible crash

MechEngineer updated for performance

Updated Randomtravelcontracts

PanicSystem patched to 2.8

Update to the IS map

0988 PA2



Vehcile scalings by Cargo_Vroom

halfed cost of engines

Aim updated to 2.1 alpha

Mechengineer upgraded

Now has proper Composite&Reinforced Structure and Hardened Armour

Cockpits and Gyros have critical states now

Cockpits are base 2 slots 3 tons now

All heads are 3 slots now

IS Map updated to 3040

Wartech updated for new map

0988 PA1 Fixes6

CC Patches

Adds 3 more ECM

Stealth and NSS require ECM installed

Torso cockpit for every mech

MechEngineer updated: minimum heatsinks count now required

Charles b: Falling damage scaled by Tonnage

0988 PA1 Fixes5

Enabled fractional accounting

Made some fixes because of it

Knockdown now deals damage

0988 PA1 Fixes4

Ammo shot counts now coloured

Added RogueTech Icons by Vulture82

Linted couple more files

Replaced stingray option with Gemji

Removed couple advanced mechs from the randomstart

Halfed Cbill workorder costs of composite structure

Fixed some missing ap hardpoints

AIM updated to 2.0 release

Cockpit destruction destroys mech

Possible crash fix in discord, needs proper testing

0988 PA1 Fixes 3

Comstar Pilot fixed

Increased moreisless values

Engine cores can now randomly appear in shops

Advanced gear is now tied to special chance, no more unlimited anything

Panic system fixed to 2.6

MoreIsLess tweak for RT

No XP Cap but reduced xp gain, officers and commanders get more xp

0988 PA1 Fixes 2

Panic System patched

Wartech patched

Fixed engine placeholder not invalidating a mech

Fixed Reactive/Reflective multipliers

Added not_broken tag to every ammobox, improper munitions are a safety hazard

0988 PA1 HF1

Updated to correct wartech

0.988 Public Alpha 1

Please do a clean install

Wartech note:


<u>Using on old saves is not advised as we have no idea what all can break

Known issue:

New game without closing the game first AFTER save/skirmish will create a hard crash

Vanilla issue with caching and referencing files, is being worked on

Integration of MechEngineer by CptMooreB has begun

Many Rules rewritten to account for the possibilities of MechEngineer

Advanced materials got nerfed they now represent patchwork additions

Command console can now be looted and installed, increased weight

Center torso is now always repaired when assembling a mech

Excess jump jets may be deleted on old save

Removed Emblems, Portrait Loader and Mech Icons and made them optional to reduce download size

Extented information removed due to incompatability

LessHeadinjuries replaced with FewerHeadinjuries by gnivler

Wartech updated to 1.2

Added Don Zappos Pilot quirks and its dependant mods

Change the Pilot_Quirks mod.json to "IsSaveGame": true, if you use a old save (unsupported action)

Panic system reworked to use Gnivler and Don Zappo fork

Aim updated

Reverted to mpstark randomstarter to prevent 1 new game crash

Ontos Tanks fixed

Changed salvage rules and defaults

Added gear back to RogueTank by Cargo_Vroom

Added new burstballisticchecker by Janxious

Fixed Ontos Tanks

Removed Emblems, Portrait Loader and Mech Icons and made them optional to reduce download size

Added gear back to RogueTank by Cargo_Vroom

Added new burstballisticchecker by Janxious

Disabled Autofixer for chassis slots


 H:2 LA/RA:8 LT/RT:12 CT:14 LL/RL:2

We hope we found them all, but some may have slipped through

[edit | edit source]

0.987Patch 4 HF2



Fixed saladin

0.987Patch 4 HF1

Removed all special gear from vehicles to prevent another possible bug

0.987Patch 4

Paperdollfix toggled off by default

Command Console cannot be salvaged anymore

Rifles got internal ammo now and have been increased in size and weight

Light Rifle got 1 Ton/15 Shots/1 Slots

Medium Rifle got 2 Ton/16 Shots/2 Slots

Heavy Rifle got 3 Ton/15 Shots/2 Slots

1 Possible error with new vehicles 

Added more new vehicles by Cargo_Vroom

Patched Mech Asemmbly to hopefully fix marauderII making king crabs (and vice versa)

Patched CustomComponents

Added a MASC

Added WarTech

The Sphere is now at war

Known Bugs: 

- If you click continue on the popups while you are scrolled down the scrolling will break sometimes, to prevent this always scroll to the top of the monthly reports before you click continue

- The scrollbar for monthly reports will break sometimes

Hopefully last patch for 0.987


0.987Patch 3

Added rt specific vehicles by cargo vroom

Added new gear:

ArtemisIV TTS - counts as tier 1 missiles tts

AMS - is mutually exclusive to the LAMS

Vehicle ECM - Cannot be salvaged

Missile direct fire TTS gained a penalty to indirect fire

Added the missing JK Variants

Added a new locust

Bugfix to prevent Advanced Materials exploit

Raised resistance of buildings on defense slightly

Removed hardpoint defs from jk's to prevent a possible simgame crash

0.987Patch 2

Updated randomstart again

Should prevent some issues with wrong starters

Now defaults to a Random start mech up to 50 tons

You starting lance now includes 4-6 mechs random of up to 190-200 tons INCLUDING your starter choice

Includes tiny patch to deployments

WeaponVariance patched to 0.1.0

Now affects burstfire weapons, notably hmg and pirate hmg

Hellion is now an angry redhead


Patched Denaden custom components 

Some minor fixes


Fixed typo in randomstart, now works properly


Many Minor fixes

Reduced costs of spikes, reflective and reactive

Changed cost of combat shields

Removed roguetech gear randomly showing up in salvage

Mechsorter updated to also sort the lance drop by cost

Added a marauder to the selection

Deployments minor fixes patch

2 New portraits by ChaoticTabris

RandomStart updated to use fork by Don Zappo and Gnivler

You now get your ancestral mech + 3-5 mechs between 100-130 tons up to 50 tons per mech

You also gain less starting funds dependent on the 1% of the chassis cost

0.987 HF2

Updated custom components in the hopes to fix duplicates issue

Sory for morph just removing it entirely

0.987 HF1

Broken/destroyed Advanced Materials, gyros and tsm invalidate a mech until repaired/replaced

Most items that cannot be stacked now will not replace itself anymore, giving a warning

Melee accuracy actuator restricted to 1

Alternative settings file with autoreplacealltrue is avaible


>!!New update raises difficulty of deployments. Finish your current deployment before updating if you don't have two or more battle-ready lances.!!<

Massively reworked filestructure do a clean install or break your game in horrible and unpredictable ways!

Changed several icons

Fixed couple typos

Hopefully fixed morphyum appearance for old saves

Yang's evil pirate twin now in the portrait loader

Warlord buffed

Added 2 new turrets

Hopefully fixed not all turrets spawning

Many tweaks to all weapons 

Weapons now can fire at Extreme Ranges, usually 2hexes(60units) above long range, at a penalty of -8 to hit

Spikes nerfed to melee only 

Supercharger is now a CriticalComponent (if destroyed, destroys mech)

Plasma removed PPC Cap function

Increased evasion distance required slightly

Tactics Indirect fire abilities buffed

LRM Clustering tweaked

Woods changed

Affect accuracy

Lesser move penalty for lighter mechs

Added a Pirate Marauder II

Gladiator changed to account for Plasma nerf

Added a proto Sha Yu

Added New Elite Firestarter Goblin

Echidnae buffed to be on par to Royal Griffin

Added several more "half improved" Mechs and new gear

Added a proto wolfhound

Added a tiny mech for the Reactive plating

MRB shop rep raised to

100-250-500-800 per tier of special and elite gear

Special Munitions are tied to MRB 

TTS be sold by the MRB

Exchangers and Heatbanks are now sold by MRB

Added more Ammo: Artemis SRM/LRM, ER LRM, Caseless AC, Tandem Charge SRM, Tracer MG, Hotloaded LRM, LiveFireTraining

Added Reactive and Reflective armour

Increased Max Shop items selection and default to account for MRB shop

Start inventory changed up, granting a selection of ammo and weapons

CompanyDifficulty Updated

Skulls on drop now show what your lance is capable off instead of its (tooltip not changed yet)

Deployments updated to 1.3.1

You will be warned that you should have power and mechs before tackling them

Contract variance 0 as option now

Starter Mech options reworked, default is Basic Enforcer now

New dll by Life

Armor Repair

You now HAVE to repair your mechs armour and structure after each mission!

This is scaled by tonnage, lighter mechs are easier repaired

This is adjusted by the armour speed difficulty setting

(this also means, early game, uparmouring is faster)

Drop costs have been halved to account for this

They still simulate you paying for ammo and fuel

Monthly maintenance cost cut in half to account for this as well

Increased Argo MechTech's from MechBays

Selection of starting funds has been increased to accommodate this early

New dll by Don Zappo

Pilot Fatigue

After each mission a pilot gets fatigued, unable to be used for a small duration depending on their guts and tactics skills and you overall morale

High morale reduces these values

A fatigued pilot can be fielded at reduced effectivity

Now granting you the vanilla team and 3 random ronin (you may get them twice, dont know how to prevent it, yet)

AIM Updated

Replaces BTML colour los mod

Now enables melee to be affected by more penaltys like evasion and stood up

Melee is slightly more accurate then shooting still, but you shouldnt have free reign on the battlefield anymore

Added Replacement Mech Portraits

Uses colourcoded skulls for weight classes (some chassis dont have this)

Mechsorter patched and updated

Should now properly work in sorting your mechs by their approximate strength(cost)

Added CustomComponents by Denaden (first step of mechengineer integration)

Allows to refine and restrict items as intented

Ammo cannot be more then 1 special bin (excpetion for caseless)

Melee weapons are 1 per arm

Shields autoreplace and restricted to 1

Arm actuators limited to 1 per arm(damage, acc and stab actuators treated differently)

DFA Actuators buffed but limited to 1 per leg of a type

Special single heatsinks limited to 1 per type

TTS limited to 1 per tier

LAMS,ECM,NSS,Supercharger Limited to 1

DamageVariance replaces Shotcountenabler and now works for Multishot AC's properly

Paperdollflip by Life

Flips the mech icons to be more intuitive

0.986[edit | edit source]

0.986 Release patch7

Added the Kraken Pirate Elite

Buffed the Power Armour

Further Reduced Camera Delays

Raised mrb shop threshholds

Moved crabs center torso energy slots to right torso, 27b gained missile hardpoints

Damage Variance Updated for Melee and Gauss Weapons

Pirate Gauss gained Variance

Third new Melee Weapon and mech to carry it

AI Tweaks

If ai problems appear (crashes, lockups)

Try to delete the role_lastmanstanding.json from RogueTechCore

0.986 Release patch6

Damage variance now includes ppc

Fixed Solaris shops

MRB shops now should properly grant gear at 10 60 150 250 mrb rep

Changed Morphyums picture

0.986 Release patch5

Added MarauderII

Improved descriptions further

Some AI Tweaks

Reputation Shops fixed

0.986 Release patch4

Crab internals fixed

Fix to CBT Movement removing experimental idten proofing

Deployments patched to 1.2.2

Added a Elite Warhammer

0.986 Release patch3

Difficulty menu now contains a couple starters

Now includes Warhammer and Marauder, thank you SolahmaJoe

Updated Damage Variance for a curve distribution

Added a new Elite

0.986 Release patch2

Incendiary LRM tiny buff

Pirate HMG fix

Dirty stopgap fix for NaN bug

Added early version of damage variance, affects pulse and pirate laser

Fix to Firestarter 9T

0.986 Release patch1

All chassis got at least 1 Support slot power arm (if they had real arms)

0.986 Release

Melee weapons restricted to arms only

Added jk variants to random start, thanks Razunter

Solaris Has been Liberated ;)

Advanced melee Weapons and Solaris gear is being sold on Solaris

The MRB will sell you advanced gear depending on your rep

Updated Monthly Tech Adjustments from Don Zapp

All factions reputation shops have been made more varied


0.986 Alpha 5

Fixed Wolverine DS internals

Fixed damage taken multipliers

Added Cargo_Vrooms Vehicle Adjustment tweaked for rt

Reduced drop costs very slightly to account for Deployments

Several fixes to descriptions

Added the Porcupine

Got new Solaris Gear working correctly

Another try to Liberate Solaris from Steiner (probably only applies to new games)

0.986 Alpha 4

Added 2 forced events for early Mech and Med Tech buff

Tank Armour down to 0.85, ranged was too weak against them

Tweaked ammos, removed heat penaltys (prevent possible bug)

TC nerfed to 30%

Missing mod.json for merc emblems added

Reworked Gladiator

Added "Spiked Plates"

Created a Gamesworld Shop and made solaris independent

Merc Deployment updated to 1.2

0.986 Alpha 3 HF2

Added Merc and Capellan Emblems by Cyttorak01

Mechsorter updated to 0.2. scrapping issue should be resolved

Hotfix for proper merc deployments

Hotfix to panic system

0.986 Alpha 3

Upgraded the Echidnae

Added the Strix

Added new Melee Weapons and Actuators

Updated BLK9 Description

Couple mixups with jk and my chassis fixed

Little shakeup of starter weapons

Modtek is now bundled

Logo Replacement moved to its own folder - delete old logoreplacement.dll in RogueTech Core

RogueTech version number now shown

Probable fix to panic system

Many fixes to weapons balance

Re-enabled Monthly Morale reset to prevent 0 morale bug

Patched Deployments

0.986 Alpha 2

Turret to hit bonus has been removed

Adjusted assembly now checks for tonnage for exclusion, too

Further reduced tank structure, crack its shell and its dead

Sped up JK move defs

Patched AIM

Added both pirate flamers to starter gear

Patched Merc Deployments

Added several turrets by Nemgard

Buffed exchangers

Added 3 more pirate mechs

Fixed typos in random campaign start

>>POSSIBLE SAVEBREAKER - Removed outdated inferno launcher - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!<<

0.986 Alpha 1

Now Contains Deployments


Changes Travel contracts to deployments.

Deplyoments start with the arrival at the Contract System.

Deployments go on for multiple months.

While on a Deployment you will get payed monthly.

Each day on Deplyoment has a change to spawn a new mission.

While a mission is available time is frozen.

Missions wont pay you, but still reward you salvage as usual.

After completeing the mission time is unfrozen again.

If you leave the planet before the Deplyoment is over you will lose a huge ammount of Rep with the Faction and the MRB.

When the Deplyoment time is over you get notified and are free again to take a new Deployment or normal Mission.


Raised default contracts and breadcrumbs

Deployments show all your expenses as proper negatives

0.9859[edit | edit source]

0.9859 Patch6

Fixed Mechmaintenancebycost now propery affected by argo payment costs

Missed range values for JK's weapons

Fixed Pirate MG not being a Ballistic weapon

0.9859 Patch5

Now includes JK Variants!

Updated Difficulty seting for 4-6-7 mech parts

0.9859 Patch4

Added more Pirate Mech

Removed Stacking from TAG and NARC to prevent issues with AIM

Buffed duration of both

Excluded King Crabs from Assembly rules to prevent them from being used for 50tons Crabs

Added the crabs and pirate mech's as starters

Further rework of all small weapons

Haywire and Narc are support weapons now <may change again depending on feedback>

Rescaled several mech's

Reduced gunnery/piloting floor to 0.7

0.9859 Patch3

Injured Piloting is back in <may cause issues with skirmish-remove before playing skirmish>

Disabled sortbytonnage beause of scrapping issues with adjusted assembly

Added Monthly Morale reset by lord_yig

Added Monthly Tech and Morale Adjustment by don zappo

Will now be inspired at 75 Morale

Argo Max Morale is now set at 50 (cant find where it is hardcoded-so i will redo the entire morale system)

Removed Inferno Ammo's from vehicles (caused a bug)

Alacorn now carries NorseStorm Gauss

0.9859 Patch 2

Fixed couple weapons having wrong or missing bonus (thanks RobertMerlow)

Fixed some mech values

Added Another pirate mech

Added 2 more crabs

Improved most descirptions to mention stacking rules

0.9859 Patch 1

Updated the mechresizer

Patched Internal Heaters dll

Added a Crab - more coming soon

Caught bug with SLIC Suite

Inclueded MechSorter, automatically sorts mechs by cost


Tons of bugfixes and patches

Please do a clean install by deleting your mods folder before updating

Gauss rifle stock now properly debuffed (forgot to move the file from wip to active)

Few more files cleaned up

FS9T empty weight fixed

Renamed Called shot to Offensive Push

Vehicles and turret phase have been improved

First "Pirate mechs" added

Multimissions removed again, a better version comes soon™

Offensive push passives and Warlord reworked

Grant 5-15% increased ranges

Warlord Grants 10% all weapon damage and +1 accuracy


Fixed KGC0000 having no stability

Gausszilla made its own folder for easy removal

Updated Extented Information to official release version

Patch for Called penalty is worked on, if it fails the values get reworked, something broke with 1.1

Vehicles buffed armour but drastically reduced internals

Heavy/Assault vehicle to hit bonus removed

Early release of the Background changes

Delete before patching or best do a clean install <IMPORTANT




Further Weapon Rebalances

Gauss Nerfed, Added 3 Variants and dsitributed them

Added Another @Modder Pilot

Starter Gear Changed

Reworked the filestructure

Hotfix for missing randomstart

Delete before patching or best do a clean install <<THIS IS IMPORTANT DONT FUCK IT UP



need verifiable reproducable effects on not working tohitoffensivepush effects (called shot boni from gunnery and tc) need reproducable reports of overheatknockdown issues


AntiPersonal weapons are now moved to their big brothers category

Improved range and stats on all of them

Probably fixed ai bracing too much

Added the Urbie to the random start

Random Campaign start moved to its own folder

Installer will now open a link to documentation after extraction

Power Armour may cause problems with simgamemechlab Needs be tested

Before install Delete these files\folders or make a clean reinstall (to prevent issues with the pa)



RogueTechCore all files with EXPA


Melee failstate increased

Elites removed from random start

Named prototype chassis removed from random start

Removed 2 not properly working difficulty settings

Armour Change values can now be selected 

MultMission Mac compat


Probable fix for difficulty settings breaking saves

Probable fix for Panic System

Added a Experimental Power Armour "mech", has unique srm and jump jets

Fractional Numbers are back


SLIC Cockpit reworked - increases sight and sensors and grants +2 health

TC Cockpit reworked - grants breaching shot, +1 Accuracy -1CS Penalty, +1.8 Called Shot Location Multiplier

Heat exchangers and banks received the TTS treatment and removing stacking

Exchangers now reduce ALL heat generated

They cans till be used as superior single heat sinks, their bonus wont stack though

Improved Mac Compatability-

-Patched Random Travel Contract

-Patched Contract sorter

-Patched Storetag Enabler

Lowtech store removed and lowtech is Periphery Only

Reduced min overheat threshhold

Experimental remove of globald efense bevhaiours

Early release of EI being containted

Injured piloting removed because of skirmish issues

Reduced time for armour

MultiMissions are back

Tweaked settings for AIM

Skill "Breaching Shot" Replaced with "Warlord" granting you to ignore 2 Evasion and -2 called shot penalty

0.9858[edit | edit source]


Considered first proper patch for 1.1

Difficulty settings tweaked

Fixed a RT pilot

All Ronin gain less free xp (normalized)

Tiny Tweaks

This is now the stable release for 1.1

Documentation gets fixed the next days

RogueTech 1.1 compat patch 4

Added AIM - Attack Improvement Mod, replaces corrected hit rolls -delete      NoCorrectedRoll.dll

Removed SellMechParts - Discontinued because you can now scrap mech parts from bay, delete old folder

Melee Actuators (except legs) got the TTS  treatment

Each tier of a single Actuator cannot stack with itself, but different tiers still work

Another tweak to Erinya

Fast save Delete patched for 1.1

Gunnery and Piloting divisors changed (nerfs)

Patched CBT Heat, ammo explosions work now properly, guts improves prevention by 1% per guts

Patched CBT Movement

Patched CBT Piloting

Hellion Portrait changed

Added new Modder Pilot, Callyste

Possible fix for bugged escort missions

RogueTech 1.1 compat patch 3

tiny bugfix

RogueTech 1.1 compat patch 2

Shopseller patched

PilotHealthPopUp patched

Further tweaks and fixes to new stability values

RogueTech 1.1 compat patch 1

Adapted HBS stability bleed with less extent Roguetech will for now remain at 100 stab for every chassis

Stability changes still in testing

Updated Skipintro - skips all icons and IntroVideo

Updated Randomstart

Updated CommanderPortrait

Updated AdjustedAssembly

Updated CharlesB - dfa self damage mitigation added

Updated CBT Heat - Accuracy penalty bug should be fixed

Updated AdjustedSalvage

Added ammo for all, BetterJuggernaut with DFA brace

Updated Exclusive Filters

Custom Campaign settings adjusted for RogueTech, Medium is the intended Experience

Start changed to 3lights 2 mediums

High end evasion tiny nerf

Removed ammo cookoff again

Reworked all RT chassis Hardpoints


Fix for Inner Sphere map faction

Adjusted Assembly fixed

Reenabled ammo cookoff by realitymachina to add a second ammo detonation roll

Fix for MechMaintenanceCost - DELETE old MechMaintenaceByCost.dll

Fix for DropCost

Fix for GlobalDifficulty

Adjusted value for Global Difficulty

Contracts deprecated in preparation for 1.1, delete old RogueContracts folder before patching



LightPPC Range reduced

Heavy PPC added

Plasma Range reduced

Supercharger Bug Fixed, now increases heat by the appropiate 15%

Nerfed Evasive Maneuver to 10% jump distance

Base damage of all PPC reduced by 5

ER Med Range bracket improved, no crit bonus

Added a K3 and K4 catapult

Gausspult renamed to K9 and added to legendary spawns

Added the Anansi Spider 

Dynamic difficulty increased required cost power half skull and set to 4 best mechs


Slightly tightened the economy

Removed Melee and DFA tonnage boni

Added shop seller

Patched panic System 

Difficulty shown now adjusts dynamically

Slight increase to LMG weight

Flamers dont stab anymore

5% less bonus dmg for Heavy Gauss


Nerfed High end Melee actuators

Eject chance of salvage fixed

New Difficulty mechanic based on cost of chassis owned

Contract and lance spawner tweaks

Would like proper feedback on the difficulty changes, they are extremely experimental first stage

== 0.9857



Fixed custom chassis

Locust-LR Renamed to Dagger and buffed

Bugfix for contract issues

Ai and heat tweaks


FastWorkOrderMove - Use shift to immediately move a order to top or bottom

fixed missing ballistic slots

Fixed Hiring Hall bug

DELETE OLD FILES: check changelog

experimental AI loop fix

Added the Capapult K3 and nearly forgot to mention it


EI updated to release version

Melee mover now works

Berserker reworked due to bug, may be fixed/introduced in the future


mods folder




Hotfix to include erinya in assembly exceptions


Here are the file notes

0.9857 Patch 1

PortraitLoader patched

Updated double heat sink to 09 to prevent free dhs bug

Updated Basic Panic system

Now includes pilot Health Popup and Exclusive filters



Fixed the -2 Initiative bug

Early fork of Extented information to account Internal Heatsinks both by Janxious

Contains a early rebalance of Handy Industrial Weapons by HandyVac, giving you a new choice of improving your brawlers

3 new Mechs for these

Buffed Yen Lo Wang

Added a ShadowHawk-2k

Erinya Removed as fixed starter, hidden stats nerfed and un-blacklisted, you may now encounter it in the wild

Berserker reduced to 10% buffs

Includes OnePointArmorStep by Glucose, hold shift to change armour by 1 point instead of 5

Doubled Values of Recreational upkeep reduction

Called shot Improvement and Mastery nerfed

Buffed Heat Damage of ammo

Added updated MeleeMover to allow sprinting into melee -Experimental will get updates-


By popular request, elites, royals, mackie and locust-lr excluded from random assembly

Also chassis assembly changed to always create the chassis with most parts used

MeleeMover by Morphyum added, allows to move in melee when already engaged

1st Rework of the HeatSystem

Double heat sink engine buff only when double heat sinks are installed exclusively

Exchangers and Banks Buffed, costs of Double Heatsinks raised by 33%, standard heatsink are cheaper

Tweak of IF TTS for possible fix of unexpected bug

Inner Sphere colours Updated for colourblind support and changing map colours

Jump Heat by distance increased

Bulwark passive renamed to Berserker, removed autoguard on standing still but grants buff to melee and DFA

CombatGameConstants is now a merger instead of replacer to prevent conflicts 

Guts heat threshhold reduced by 5 points to 10/20 respectively

Greater pay for contracts when liked


Added "Injured Piloting" by RealityMachina

Added Injuries hurt by "Night Thastus"

Royal Battlemechs properly adjusted and fixed for rt

Behemoth buffed, Gladiator tweaked

CBT Heat updated, now applies a escalating movement penalty

Sensor lock reduced to 2 turns


Overheat threshhold reduced to 46% and increased to 110, effectively reducing overheat to be at 50 points and keeping players longer in it

Added "Internal Heatsinks" by Janxious - Eqipping Double heatsinks will make your internal heat sinks all doubles


Sensor lock now (should) work on indirect, please reports

Argo tech modules buffed by another 0.5 to prevent stuck event bug

Contains shotcount enabler fix by FlukeyFiddler (bow to his majesty of fixing dirty hacks)

delete the old shotcountenabler.dll


Eris reworked, mg's repalced with better heatcapacity

Fixed alpha randomstart and new mechs

Argo MechTech upgrades raise a bit more points and are quicker build

Tweaks to all elite mech's hidden stats (may add them sometime to the readme)

D7Catapult renamed to Hwacha

6x Trebuchet buffed and renamed to Katyushka

Added the Behemoth Elite

Further tweaks to melee failstate chances and CharlesB updated to 03

Multimissions an optional install


Allowed 6 Melee&DFA destinations

Fixed accidentally wrong guarded/entrenched nerfs being buffs

Increased size of all RT AC's by 1 slot

Increased speed penalty for overheating

Armor change tech cost reduced

DropCost per mech updated to be mac compatible and saving its state

Added 2 new pilots

Added 2 more mech's and a turret

Additional melee nerfs

MULTI Missions

Delete the "DropCostPerMech.dll" in the mods folder to upgrade properly

0.9856[edit | edit source]


Fixed guts buffs accidental bugging out with tsm

Ace pilot now generates an extra evasive charge

Contract name bug fix


Reduced base accuracy gain

Flamers produce some more heat when fired

Overheat state is reached earlier (55% max instead of 60%)

Elevation now grants an escalating effect by 1 accuracy per 30 units (most circumstance this gives a 2-3 change for attacks)

Normal Urbie can now spawn

Gauss got a nerf of 5dmg

Further contract tweaks, Elites and Royals should be limited to a few missions, no more tanks as target

MECH Salvage now is combined from 5 parts per base, not per chassis

This means if youve got parts of a couple different variants, these get combined into a single mech, with a higher chance depending on the parts it used

CBT heat updated, affected by guts now 10 guts gives you a ~10% bonus on the roll

        "ShutdownPercentages": [0.083, 0.278, 0.583, 0.833],

        "AmmoExplosionPercentages": [0, 0.083, 0.278, 0.583],


Added CBT penaltys for overheating, movement and piloting instability check

Reworked supercharger and ace pilot

ALL your mechs and the enemy can shoot and sprint at accuracy cost

Jumping will make you even less accurate

Accuracy mods (cumulative)

+1 for moving, +2 sprinting, +3for jumping

Melee accuracy reduced

Being in overheat will give you a escalating penalty to accuracy, ammo explosion and shutdown per turn

        "ShutdownPercentages": [0.042, 0.139, 0.292, 0.416],

        "AmmoExplosionPercentages": [0, 0.05, 0.15, 0.28],

        "HeatToHitModifiers": [1, 2, 3, 4]

Being pushed beyond the stability threshhold will only knock you down on a stability check dependant on piloting skill


Added dfa missed extra instability, DFA less base instability (so if you dont miss, you hit easier, if you miss, you probably fall on your face)

Accidentaly made contract templates added to db, delete your .modtek cache

Update to modtek 021


Removed equip removal tech cost to prevent missing equip bug, made all other actions cost more tech points

Added melee misses causing instability, melee accuracy reduced

Fixed typo in cluster chance

Elevation has higher increases

Entrenched and guarded grant less defense

Reduced ammo cook off chance again

Additional Plasma tweaks

Re-enabled alpha contract tweaks

Further AI Tweaks (im getting close, shouldnt suicide bomb as much now ;))


Removed instability on heat (structure Damage from overheat removed)

Ai now will ignore evasion strip logic

Inreased morale penaltys

Reduced base called shot location multiplier

Extra vehicle evasion

Added fix for vehicles as ambush targets by daiyuki

0.985x == 0.9855

5 New Mechs thanks to veritas for the inspiration

TC cockpit reworked: Grants +2 accuracy and 80% increased chance for Called shot, minimum range modifier removed, other modifiers halved

PanicSystem Updated

You now start properly in 3031

Nerfed movement of the Erinya

Laser weapons now deal stability damage of 1 per 6 damage

Additional AI Tweaks


All RT AC types had their recoil increased, uac/rac slightly less damage per shot

Doubled values of Recreational monthly upkeep reduction

Argo Mechbay and Pods 2+3 also reduce monthly upkeep now

Further evasion tweaks

Echidnae reworked to be a dfa pulse beast

Erinya nerfed again, it is now a nasty brawler instead of the shotgun

JumpJet Heat slightly increased

Melee stability actuators are a % buff now too

Starter mechs tweaked further, 2 lights 1 med 1 heavy, but you have a chance for an elite mech

3 New traits +1to3 accuracy to Offensive Push (Called shot) gained through Gunnery

Reset salvage tweaks until i find why prioritysalvagefix failed


Tweaked some of the rt weapons, mostly nerfs

added a dl to cap salvage at 7 picks to prevent ui issues and increased salvage - please feedback on this

You will now start with with 2 lights, 2 meds, and a heavy

IntroMovieskipper by mpstark

Increased required distance for evasion pips and reduced their effect (may change it back) feedback plase

Tweaked heat exchangers and banks

Eject now always gives you your mech back and kia adds a 50% chance for 75% chance of recovery (some just cant read the manual)

Ai should now be more punchy and willing to overheat (inverted value by accident)


Added 3 new TTS, that grant you 2-4 improved accuracy on indirect fire

Removed to hit penalty for lights and mediums

Further economy and AI tweaks

Fixed typo for salvage

Removed stacking from all TTS, you can use one of each, but not two of the same


Slightly increased salvage potential and default contract payout

Increased difficulty variety (3->5)

Increased Max Contracts per system (10->15)

Removed most notifs for mech repair and argo upgrades

Cleaned up some files

Second part of argo tweaks, Training pods give a tiny bit more xp with a higher limit to offset the raised leveling cost

Adjusted Salvage now gives a greater recovery chance for ejected(+50%) and kia (+25%)

Thunderbolts are now large cruise missiles




Made HBS Royal SLDF avaible to appear in sandbox

Adds a BL-9-KNT, a pulse laser boat

Fixed bug with light rifle not rendering

You Ammo may cook off, watch those heat levels!

Includes alpha testing of a changed event, now you can get weapons on your argo against these annoying pirates

Recreationals reducing monthly cost now included to soften end game economy

Plasma rework to actually need ammo bins (gauss ammo) and got its debuff back


Added an Installer and Splash Screen

Reduced MAX heat

Fixed Supercharger stacking

Ac5 Defiance 2++ had bugged accuracy


Further AI tweaks

All mechs slightly rescaled for a more reasonable feeling (thanks janxious and delta_assault on reddit)

You can now press space or mouse4 to go back (as if its esc), can be changed in the bindableesckey mod.json

Keep sound while alt tabbing

Cleaned up some gear and descriptions, prevents most effects from stacking.

Deadfire LRM indirect bool bugged, so it just has an accuracy penalty for now

Added DeadFire SRM

Added Incendiary LRM

Added the Eris Elite Battlemech, a wannabe Hellbringer

Commander cannot resist Panic anymore ad less likely that a loner will eject




Added a merger to speed up audio

Changed the default shop from specials to shop by faction rep

You now need at least 30 rep with a faction to see their RogueTech gear

Removed elites from shop

Removed low tech mech shop

Now Includes Faster Vehicles as part of the AIO

Couple balance tweaks to all gear

Adjusted salvage will grant only 1 salvage if enemy was cored

Ai tweaks to make it more aggresive early on and less possible to be catched standing around (hopefully)

Pre 0.98xx == 0.982

Included the Mackie

Added the CommanderPortraitLoader

Reduced lost salvage again

Cause for randomly lost mechs might be extraction instead of clearing, still investigated


Nerfed the mk2 Commanndo slightly 

Black Jag G Move speed nerfed further

Kintaro 18S has more free weight but is slower

Added LMG

Reworked all Roguetech variants to have less hardpoints 

Elites Made Special

Reenabled salvage on fail and getting your mechs back


Reduced sell prices of everything to account for selling parts

25% chance your own destroyed mech comes back, otherwise you have to salvage it

Ai Pilots now access the same skill tree buffs and cleaned up the mess hbs made in the files

Turrets have sensor lock back

Removed accidental double dll


Combined all shops into a single download

Added a All in One Main file, this how the mod is intented to be played

Adds the Adjusted Salvage, accoutning for each destroyed limb on determining salvage and you have to salvage your own lost and destroyed mech's


Added several vanilla mech's to the random start

Added an Elite 'Mech

Added a few new cheap tanks

RogueTech made dependant on IS map to prevent a conflict


Restricted DNI accuracy bonus to melee

Economy tweaks to not get bankrupted too easy (mostly autosalvage chances)

No salvage when loosing or retreating

Less extreme contract difference for IS mod, more for vanilla, trying to make single planets offer multiple missions as if waging a little campaign on each

Raised random start to 3 lights and 2 meds to account for proper armoured enemys

Fixed gaining too much salvage per mission

Added the quickstart back in i forgot, it "shouldnt" interfere with Sandbox and work for vanilla players as usual

Reduced Starting Morale

New shop def's


 Added Rifles and a mech for each

Found a bug that could Lock up your barracks, not my source but it shouldnt happen with this

Renamed to "RogueTech" (thanks jaxious)


 UAC10 1 ton less/UAC20 1 ton more weight

Few extra combat tweaks, gonna chase that perfect balance

Made Compatible to Inner Sphere Map

Basic Shop Module added, will add a specials and factions shop option soon to spread the gear among the factions that made them

Added smarter and more aggresive AI


Remade the Starter Commando into one of the "Elite Mech's"

Fixed several typos and bugs with the weapons module

Reduced base sight and sensors but added abilities to improve both to tactics

Ronin got all reduced to max start passive skill of 3 but gained extra xp (more control over your start lance and less problems with reworked skills)

Decided to not split Gear and weapons off from core but Elite Battlemech's become their own Module except for the commando


Streaks deal 1 more point of damage

Nerfed TBT-6X movement speed

Plasma debuff removed, it could stop mission progression, releasing fix because of this

DNi Extra evasion charge replaced with 1 more generated from movement

Piloting Evasive Move grants 20% increased jump distance

Tweaks to various chassis, mostly unit tags for lance spawner, balance is king


Slowing release cycle, the base of what i want is mostly done

Removed "multiple elevation bonus" as it didnt work correctly

Increased chance of melee being a punch

Charging for melee attack gives bonus instability damage

Vehicles can guard

Faster mech movement reworked to merge instead of replace (more elegant)

UpgradeModule: Vanilla tts radically decreased in weight, added a targeting Computer for core

Tweak to morale again: OffensivePush(called shot) now costs barely anything, but every shot has a 6 to hit penalty

Plasma debuff increased, but cannot stack anymore (it made problems, now reduces max heat by 15%)

Indirect fire penalty doubled

Overheat accuracy penalty increased to 4

Elite Battlemech's, highly optimized chassis that embody the horrors of their class

Changed Missile tohit on NSS to Bulwark

Started to clear up effects of gear


Another quickfix for some stupid typo that could break the ai, need more coffee


Moved changelog to end of readme, RTFM people

Cleaning up the readme/description

Max evasive traits didnt properly copy, you still need to invest into piloting

Removed the test money settings (ooops)


Max evasion pips increased to 9

Evasion now grants a +2 to hit per 30 units moved

TSM tiny nerf

Gunnery Grants recoil reduction

Guts Grants less Heat Generated 

Overheat deals far less self damage but heatsinks loose efficiency on shutdown for a bit

Further tweaks to Plasma and added PPC Capacitator

Ace Pilot allows to shoot after sprinting too


Started to break the mod into modules

Fixed description and name of the Advanced Materials

Unsteady counters guarded

Added INFERNO+ variants that will only spawn randomly

Juggernaut&Bulwark grant 15% and 10% melee damage respectively

Streaks gain a small range range bonus


Nerfed the tanks a bit (caused problems with ai)

Raised price of and tweaked "protoype" weapons, Made most of them a "variant" to grant a chance to randomly replace similar weapons (no rac, rocketlauncher or thunderbolts)

Added expensive "Advanced Materials"

Still alpha concerning the weaponchanges

Reduce your GFX if you experience everloading mission starts (problem with unity asset handling)

Made the AMS hotfix a separate file to prevent the unity asset bug from appearing


Weapons rebalance!

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