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Description[edit | edit source]

First produced in late fall of 3054, the Copperhead is a finely honed arena 'Mech.

The design rose to fame when Silver Dragons Stables MechWarrior Brendon Frazer piloted his Copperhead, the Silver Snake, into the Solaris Top Twenty prior to his untimely death. The Silver Dragons commissioned Solaris Arms to develop a new exclusive variant to try and repeat the feat, but the new model's expensive experimental weaponry forced them to allow sales to other interested parties. The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery snapped up a number of the original CPR-HD-002 models.

While not increasing the original model's meager four and half tons of armor coverage, Solaris Arms chose to replace the original Durallex plating with ArcShield Reflective Armor to enhance its endurance against the large volume of energy weapons carried by Arena 'Mechs. Already a relatively speedy design, the addition of a Supercharger enhanced its ground speed. Its extremely short jumping distance was neither improved nor removed; instead it was retained to expand a pilot's options in tight terrain. An extra Double Heat Sink, bringing the total to thirteen, is still not enough to keep up with the increased heat produced by the CPR-HD-003's advanced laser weaponry. Allowing the designers to squeeze in the new systems, a cramped Small Cockpit is used, which is less of a liability in the short duration arena battles than on an actual battlefield

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
CPR-HD-004 30 LIGHT 1B 8E 3M 1S 13JJ
CPR-HD-003 30 LIGHT 1B 8E 13M 1S 13JJ
CPR-HD-002 30 LIGHT 1B 8E 3M 1S 13JJ