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"The Chariot! Now that's a weird one I'll tell ya what. I don't know what whoever dreamed it up was partaking of, nor command when they purchased and issued the things neither. That thunderbolt, they was pretty much a novelty at the time and a lot of folks didn't trust em compared to good ole lurms. Not cheap neither. On the other hand you had a pair of old fashioned manual load cannons. Can you believe it not even autocannon. But I tell you what, those rifles were so simple they never gave us a moment's trouble and boy if you got all three weapons onto one target...I swear you could make an Atlas pilot wish they hadn't gotten out of bed that morning." - Lance Cpl Mark Foster (Ret.)

Variant Tag Weight


Class Movement


Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
Chariot CHAR-10T Primitive 50 Medium 8-12 460 25 2 X Medium Rifle

1 X Thunderbolt-15

2 X Medium Rifle

2 X Medium Rifle APFSDS

1 X Thunderbolt-15

  • The Chariot is a non-canon vehicle designed for Roguetech.