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Roguetech Beginner Tips[edit | edit source]

This enormous all-in-one mod is ever evolving. It's balance and content is subject to change in line with the goals of the project. You will at some point encounter bugs please check Known Bugs and the FAQ before reporting any bugs or issues on the Discord if you have any questions ask on the discord.

Roguetech is meant to be a challenging experience, you will die, you will fail but you will learn how to overcome these challenges. And if its really too much of a issue you can always change the In Game Settings to make the game easier or harder as you prefer. For a more Indepth Guide you can look at The Comprehensive Beginners Guide to RogueTech

Basic Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • Choosing a good starting 'Mech and location can make the game much easier in the beginning. Check Starting Mechs by Faction Choice to pick out a good starter of your choice.
  • Read everything. Read Absolutely everything you can. Item Descriptions, Loading Tips, the Wiki, they will explain the extra mechanics and intricacies of the mod.
  • Pilot Skill Tree's have been changed substantially. With new abilities added and old ones changed up. Please read up on them when you get a chance!
  • On the topic of Pilots when you start a new game take a good look at each of your pilots now and check out what tags they have. Different tags do different things. For instance the "Wealthy" tag makes your pilots have no upkeep costs! All tags have benefits but some also have downsides to them. Keep a eye out as you get more pilots.
  • Upgrading your starter lances load out at the beginning of a run can be necessary from start to start.
  • All 'Mechs must have 10 heatsinks at minimum in order to be fieldable. If your engine does not have 10 heatsinks internally you must put extra heatsinks in your 'Mech. Each heatsink you put in while under 10 will not add any extra weight to the 'Mech.
  • Unlike vanilla keeping a Light 'Mech around is quite viable. In fact anything you get your hands on can be viable depending on how you build and outfit it. Experiment with various builds and find out what works best for you!
  • Read the text for the contracts they contain important info and tips on what you may find when you accept the contract.
  • Stick to low skull contracts in the beginning until you feel your 'Mechs and skills are up for the increased challenge.
  • Increased challenges mean increased rewards. The higher the difficulty the more powerful and well equipped the enemies will be. However this also means good opportunities for good salvage!
  • If you have Flashpoint and the Roguetech Flashpoint Module installed there are a good few early game Flashpoints that can appear that can get you a lot of salvage, C-Bills, 'Mechs, and Equipment of all varieties. If you can handle it you can get a good jump start!
  • On missions where time is NOT of the essence (e.g. you have X amount of turns to get something done, the enemy already has you on radar and is coming, etc. would be examples of missions with a time table to them), you can simply end your turn multiple times to build up your resolve. This will allow you to get the aiming bonus for being above 50% and will allow you the option of doing a 'precision strike' or 'vigilance' at your discretion.

Combat Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • Flanking and height now play a huge importance into how accurate you are now.
  • Learn to use AIM to your advantage. Your line of sight lines will now change color based on what side of a 'Mech you are facing or if your line of sight is partially blocked by the terrain. Red means you are firing at the front, teal is the sides, and green is the rear. If those colors change part way to your target then the terrain is making it more difficult for your shot!
  • At the beginning massing light weapons is better than large weapons. Instead of 1 Large Laser and 2 Medium lasers go 4 or 5 medium lasers instead. More weapons means more chances to hit!
  • Equipping accurate weapons and equipment to boost your accuracy will help with your chance to hit a lot! Tags, Narc, and good sensors can make a huge difference!
  • Even if your chance to hit is 1% take the shot! You will never hit anything if you never fire.
  • Any hit that deals 55% or more to remaining armor can cause a "Through Armor Critical" or TAC it will cause a critical hit on a component in that area that was hit.
  • Initiative has been completely overhauled from vanilla. A quick rundown is there are more initiative phases, your equipment, and pilot skill can now affect this and help prevent initiative loss. Please check out Skill Based Innitiative for more information.
  • Another change from vanilla is the addition of Low Visibility this is a complicated topic to discuss on this page so please follow and read that link.
  • Certain equipment is activateable now. Thanks to Custom Activateable Equipment or CAE. Superchargers, MASC, TSM, DNI, and Enhanced Imaging can be activated now. With the exception of TSM they can be activated by Control Left clicking your move icon. TSM requires you to be at or above a specific heat level to automatically turn on. There is a chance when activating, deactivating, and leaving some of this equipment running for it to damage your 'Mech or your pilot. However they provide fantastic benefits to use.
  • You can change ammo and weapon modes for various weapons now. Left Clicking on the ammo counter will switch the ammo and left clicking on the damage and hit chance indicator for a weapon will change its mode.
  • Certain weapons can jam, the chance to unjam is based off your piloting skill. Your weapons will unjam automatically if your pilot succeeds their roll.
  • Some weapons and equipment are volatile and can explode if crit.
  • If you have AoE weapons, Mine Laying ammo, or just want to set a Forest on fire you can use the "Attack Ground" button to attack a area of your choosing.
  • Speaking of forests catching on fire that can very well happen now, Not only does it block vision but it also deals heat to whatever either passes through or sits inside. It can be either problematic, or a great tool depending on the situation! Any missed attack has a chance of setting the ground on fire. If that fire is in a forest the fire will quickly spread and will eventually burn out. Certain weapons are guaranteed to start a fire! Behave responsibly innocent animals live there you know.
  • Overheating will now no longer cause self damage, however you will have to worry about shutdown or ammo explosions while overheating.
  • Movement mechanics have been changed, you can sprint and attack as well as sprint and melee now.
  • Melee Damage has been lowered. In its place is specialized melee equipment and 'Mechs. Now you can specialize your 'Mechs to be able to punch through whatever stands in your way.
  • Thanks to additional equipment and weapons you can specialize a 'Mech in keeping targets shut down via Flamers, Plasma, etc.

Miscellaneous Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • The map is constantly under conflict and changing sides. If you want to learn how you can also affect the on going war, check out the Online Experience, and for a explanation as to what is going on read Rogue War!
  • Please if you encounter a "Report Me" 'Mech, report it to the Discord as it tells you to please.
  • If you want to control your camera you can use Control + Shift + U to firstly hide your UI partially, Fully, then return the UI. Control + Shift + I toggles a fly camera mode. and lastly Control + Shift + K takes a 4K screenshot. Use this to take really nice looking screenshots!