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Description[edit | edit source]

The Brigand is a BattleMech that is surrounded by a sea of controversy as it is the first 'Mech to be produced by a pirate band. Manufactured by a company named Vengeance Incorporated, which is run by the pirates of the Haven Star Cluster and "Lady Death" Trevaline, the Brigand represents an unprecedented threat because in spite of the fact that it is built by pirates, it uses advanced construction techniques and weapons. Prior to the Jihad most of the constructed Brigands were used in raids against the Taurian Concordat, the majority of the design with pirates operating out of the Haven Star Cluster with a few others in the forces of Vance Rezak's band, the Tortuga Fusiliers, Shen-sè Tian and Marcadia Brothers.

The success of the Brigand and the Tortuga Prime pirates drew the attention of the Word of Blake, who offered additional clandestine resources to improve and upgrade the capability and production of Vengeance Incorporated, spawning a number of new variants of the Brigand.  During Filtvelt Coalition's disastrous raid against Tortuga Prime in 3076, The Thumpers stumbled upon five highly advanced and deadly prototypes, the features of which were ultimately distilled into the LDT-5 variant that would continue to plague the Coalition and other nearbly Periphery realms following the Blakists fall

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature Factions Weight Class Hardpoints
LDT-X 25 LIGHT 2B 6E 2M 5S 16JJ
LDT-1 25 LIGHT 4B 8E 4M 4S 16JJ