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Black Hawk
Black Hawk
Black Hawk

Description[edit | edit source]

This non-OmniMech version of the Nova, named Black Hawk, was developed by Clan Hell's Horses to allow easy production within their occupation zone. The Black Hawk is also produced by Clan Diamond Shark, though with older, cheaper weapons and electronics, and mainly for sale on the Inner Sphere market. The Black Hawk didn't excel in any particular role, be it scouting, long-range fire or brawling, but it was a solid, rugged and inexpensive design, swiftly making it popular with forces such as mercenary units and the planetary militias of independent worlds. By the mid-Thirty-second century the Black Hawk could be found in all of the Inner Sphere militaries, as well as many of the Clans - particularly the Hell's Horses, Sea Foxes and Clan Wolf-in-Exile.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Name Signature FACTIONS (3039+) Weight Class Hardpoints Current Quirks
BHKU-0 60 HEAVY 2B 12E 2M 3S 6JJ