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Imagine that some idiots took a large civilian vehicle, welded armor to it and filled it with whatever machine guns they could lay their hands on. Got that? Good, because that's exactly what those idiots actually did to create the Battle Bus.* If you listen carefully you can hear faint cries of "Witness me!"

Variant Tag Weight


Class Movement


Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
Battle Bus Primitive 15 Light 6-9 440 20 1 X Heavy Machine Gun (Clan)

1 X MG + 1 X Heavy Machine Gun

3 X Machine Gun

4 X Light Machine Gun

2 X A-Pod

1 X HMG Phosphor

1 X LMG Phosphor

1 X MG Phosphor

  • Non-canon vehicle created for Roguetech.