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Ajax are assault class tanks designed to follow predecessors like the Challenger X and the Manteuffel. Tanks in this class are capable of directly challenging most 'mechs on the field in all but speed. Configuration varies widely between models, but you can expect very heavy armor, and hard-hitting mid to long range weapons.

Variant Tag(s) Weight


Class Movement


Total Armor Value


Internal Structure

(Per Location)

Weapons Ammunition Salvageable Equipment Vehicle Model
Ajax Assault Tank 90 Assault 3-5 1520 56 1 X Gauss Rifle +++ (Blackwell)

2 X Medium Pulse Laser

1 X SRM-4 Streak

1 X UAC/10

3 X UAC/10

2 X Gauss

1 X SRM Streak


2 X Heat sinks XL Engine

270 Rated Fusion Core

Ajax-B Command Vehicle - - - - - 3 X LRM-15's

1 X PPC Ceres Arms

3 X Artemis IV LRM

1 X LRM Swarm

1 X LRM Inferno Thunder

Artemis IV FCS

C3 Master

XL Engine

270 Rated Fusion Core

Ajax-C - - - - - 1 X PPC Ceres Arms

1 X MRM-40

4 X SRM 6 Streak

1 X Improved MRM

2 X MRM 3 X SRM Streak

Guardian ECM

FCS Energy

XL Engine

270 Rated Fusion Core