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Adder ADR-D

ADDER ADR-D[edit | edit source]

Sticking to the general theme for this rather slowish 35 tonner, the Adder-D fields a mid to long range setup in form of an ERLL and an Ultra Autocannon/5. The ADR-D will try to keep its distance and open up components from a save distance before it moves in to finish the job with a set of Streak SRM-2's.[edit | edit source]

Chassis Variant Tonnage Class Current Armor Max Armor Structure Hardpoints Max sprint distance Weapon systems Notable equipment
O E B M S JJ 353M / 9 hex list of weapons list of quirks
ADR-D 35 LIGHT 320 400 220 4 10 10 10 10 7 Max move distance
Damage potential Heat management 210M / 5 hex
α strike dmg α strike heat α strike stab Melee DFA Heat sinking α strike heat JJ heat Max jump distance
210 0 60 17 22 66 82 16 200M / 5 hex
Used by: Clans, Comstar

Mechdef adder ADR-D.png